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Hi everybody,
I'm starting commissions! I draw fanarts, pokemons, Ocs....but no hentai sorry.

Here are the prices for chibi
3$& 1Chibi
8$ 3chibi

Here are the prices for full body characters
10$ 1 full body character
+ 5$ for additional character!
For more information or more art you can go here:

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► いらっしゃいませ~! ◄

AS OF 06/11/11

※ We are a BL scanlation group, and we do have releases with adult content, so, no MINORS, nor immature adults please. In case you didn't get that, you have to be 18+ to join.
※ Do not publish nor try to make a profit out of our releases.
※ Send us a note if you plan to host any of our releases anywhere else. If anything, link back here to that particular post instead.
※ In the case we allow you to host our scanlations:
   - Do NOT tamper with our RAR/ZIP file in any way
   - Include a link back here →
※ Absolutely no re-uploading of our releases on online readers and video streaming sites.
※ If you want to re-scanlate our projects, drop us a message here.

All we ask is that people respect our rules.  We DO want to share, hence why we have this group up.
Let's make this clear, not once did we ask people to thank us (although greatly appreciated ❤) every time we post a release, so you can't really say we're doing this just to boost our egos ( ゚,_・・゚) And I don't think it's being egotistical of us to ask for some sort of respect... Do you?

With that said, we are still going to kick out and ban anyone who is in anyway affiliated with groups that share our scanlations because they don't give a damn for our rules. 
If you think you've been wrongfully banned, message kazeyumi  or hwoosh.
Don't follow what's going on? Read the wank.

If all's good, then hit JOIN.

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Got something to say? Comments? Questions? Rants? Random whatnots?

May it be a simple "Hello!" or "Hey, one of your download links isn't working" or "Oh, what fandoms are you guys into?" or "Hey, I want to join your staff!" or "How do I encrypt using the Feistel Cipher?" or whatever~



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The List


Requests for SCANLATIONS go HERE ↓ ~ Visit the FAQS for further questions about requests and whatnot~
PLEASE DO INCLUDE THE DL LINKS, I sure as hell won't scour the intrawebz for them..
Accepted requests will be then added to our glorious list (´・ω・`)

We will only be accepting a number of requests at any given time. 
If you see no slot free, then chances are, we won't accept it at that point unless we love you.

ストップ! Sutoppppuuu! STOPPP!
(ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻

It's like you people were on the look-out for when we open our requests again huh xDD
We have
  a gazillion  pending right now, so until we bring that number down, we're not accepting any requests... again, for the meantime. Thanks 8D

LAST REQUEST: fresia_neko 09/25


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