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Got something to say? Comments? Questions? Rants? Random whatnots?

May it be a simple "Hello!" or "Hey, one of your download links isn't working" or "Oh, what fandoms are you guys into?" or "Hey, I want to join your staff!" or "How do I encrypt using the Feistel Cipher?" or whatever~




★ Where the hell are the scanlations? I can't see them.
They're here, but they're locked so that only members can see them, so you have to join the comm.

★ So why are they locked? ASDFJKL;
It's so that we may have this false sense of security that we can monitor the traffic of who gets to see our scanlations.  We don't really want to be all magnanimous and spread to the whole world that we have scanlations here for free, when in fact, they're not supposed to be, really, they cost real money, with which those who lend us their raw scans spent (so it's as a little courtesy to them), and that with which the authors/circles who bring us these works live on (which is why we still encourage people to support them by buying the original books if they have the means to).  Not to mention the fact that some of our releases aren't all that "wholesome" as well, and we'd like to at least put up some sort of measure against minors seeing what they shouldn't be seeing~ Not that this'd stop them but Better than nothing, right?

★ Where can I see a list of all the scanlations you have?
Here's our archive.  And here's our list.

★ In your archive, what's with the ones that have no corresponding links?
They're the projects we're currently working on.

★ How do I check the status of the scanlations in your list?
TR = TRanslating;  PR = PRoofreading;  ED = EDiting;  CL = CLeaning;  TY = TYpesetting;  X = Done, but not yet released.

★ How do you determine the rating for each release?
We only have 4 ratings: G, PG, PG13 and NC17.  It stays G when it's all fluff, and innocent, and *nothing* happens. Once there's a kiss or harsh language, it becomes PG.  Then if there are sexual innuendos and whatnot, it's PG13.  When there's prawns/smexy tiemz/call-it-what-you-will, subdued as it may be or hardcore, it's NC17.

★ Where do I get the passwords to download them?
They're on each release post.  They're quite random, so good luck with trying to guess what they are.

★ I've downloaded them, but what are these infernal thingamajigs? I can't open them!!
Go download WINRAR or 7-ZIP.  Or if you have a Mac, the UNARCHIVER.  They are awesome.

★ You say I can request for scanlations? How does this work?
Easy.  Here is our request thread. Provide us with the RAWs (Or at least come with permission from the scanner and the corresponding DL links to them) and we'll scanlate them IFF they look interesting enough, and chances are, they would be.  Remember that by posting there, if you are not the original scanner, be sure you ask them for permission first.  If you're not sure what to tell them, you can just say "Can I ask [info]sugarparade to scanlate your scans?".  Think of us as scanlators-for-hire-that-you-don't-really-have-to-pay-unless-you-really-really-want-to-then...

★ Any specifications for the scans?
Hopefully, they'd have a resolution of at least 200 dpi and have around at least a width of 1200~ pixels.  These, of course, are just preferred specs so that we won't be nagging you of rescans of pages that might be blurry or unreadable~  But hey, if they're clean and crisp, and as long as everything's readable, then all's good~

★ How fast can I expect scanlations to be done?
It depends.  On how hard it is to translate and/or edit, and of course on our free-ness to do these stuff.  We try to release at least 1 every week or so, though.  And so, we might be slow on some, but once we accept a request, you can rest assured that we'll definitely get it done.

★ How many requests can I make at a time?
Well, I guess as long as it's not insanely a lot~ Probably a number we can count on one hand, unless we love you.  However, as to be fair (as we're getting requests from more people lately), we'll do at least one from your list, then go on to the next requester, and then on to the next, then try and do another one from yours again, rinse, repeat.  I'm sure you get the picture~

★ WTH?? My request was made before _____'s.  How come _____'s got scanlated first?
Like I said, it depends.  The easier ones usually get done first, though we are trying to go by the order at which they were requested as much as possible.  Although if requester #1 has a 150-page doujin, while requester #2 has 20-page one, chances are, we'll do the second one first.

★ Do you have preferred fandoms?
Here is the list of all the fandoms we've worked on so far.  See? We're all over the place ヽ(´ー`)ノ

★ Do you only do doujinshis?
We are predominantly a BL doujin scanlation group, though we're open to anything.  The reason we have mostly doujins is because it just so happens that people give us doujins.  And we do have a couple of manga/oneshots as well.  So, the answer is no.  If your Japanese essay was on crack and had random BL cute doodles, we'd scanlate it.  We are a scanlation group for anything... BL.

★ Can I post your releases in other comms or forums and whatnot?
Sure but only post the link back to that particular release.  Which means, don't re-upload them or post our download links directly anywhere, unless you've got permission.  This is more like posting an update on other forums and whatnot that we've released something, i.e. link back to the community, or to that particular release, but no download links please.

★ Can I host your releases in other comms or forums and whatnot?
Send us (kazeyumi  or hwoosh ) a note first regarding this matter.  We'd most likely agree anyway, as long as you ask first, and as long as credit is given to us where credit is due, which includes not tampering with our RAR/ZIP files and not removing our glorious credits page.
And please, never ever hotlink our direct downloads.
This, btw, applies to when the download links are included in your post.  So, please! Ask for permission first.  It's our scanlations, our work, so the least you can do is respect our rules, yes?

★ Can I host your releases in other comms or forums and whatnot?
No thank you~ We'll do that ourselves~

★ Can I upload your releases on YouTube (Or other video streaming sites) or on online readers?

★ Affiliate with us?
Sure? Drop us a message down there ↓ or PM kazeyumi  or hwoosh , and we'll talk about it? ◕ω◕

★ Can I help with scanlations?
YES PLEASE!  Check out our recruitment page to see what positions we need filled~  Drop us a message there, or PM hwoosh  if interested~ ◕‿◕

★ Can I re-scanlate your scanlations to the _____ language?
Do check out our re-trans request list first to see if other groups are already working on what you want to re-do.  Then, leave us a comment there on which titles you want to work on, what language you want to translate them to, and where you're going to post them after.

★ I am from _____ scanlation group, want to have a joint project with us?
SURE!  Tell us what you'd need from us, then we could work something out ❤

★ Where did you get the art you used for your credits pages?
They were drawn specially for us ❤ We have a compilation of all of 'em right here.  Drop us a message there if you're interested in making one for us as well~  If we use it, we'll advertise for you when you're open for commissions.

★ My question is not in your FAQs, what do I do?
Ask down there ↓↓↓ or if you wanted to retain anonymity, for one reason or another, drop us your question here, or e-mail us (be sure to put a valid e-mail address if you want us to reply).

★ Do you really know how to encrypt using the Feistel cipher?
Why yes `ヽ(*v *)>
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  • (ΘεΘ;)

    ► いらっしゃいませ~! ◄ AS OF 06/11/11 INFO & RULES ※ We are a BL scanlation group, and we do have releases with adult content, so, no…

  • Sugar Parade ★ wants YOU!

    Yes, we're joining the recruitment bandwagon~ For more releases, we want nobody nobody but you *clap*clap*~ SO! We're currently accepting…

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