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With cherries on top ♡

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Sugar Parade ★
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Scanlation Dump~
HELP US SPREAD THE LOVE! We are currently looking for more Jap→Eng translators and editors for our team! E-mail us at sugarparade@gmail.com or PM hwoosh for more details~
This is where we'll be dumping our scanlations from now on so add us up for some BL pronz.

Sugar Parade is run by two four excessively bored unemployed citizens who haven't got a buck to wipe their own asses with, hence, raws usually won't be coming from us. SO! If you're downloading a doujin, think of the lovely lovely people who probly skipped a meal or 2 to buy 'em to share with everyone! Visit their LJs or their homes and give them some love!

ALSO. If you have the means to, please do buy the hard copies! We have to keep feeding the authors so they can make more, so we can translate more, and you guys can read some more! Works for all of us, dun it? So support the smex! Support the authors/circles! Show your love by buying their works~!

WE ARE MEMBERS ONLY. It is our diabolical plan to have 10s of millions of members so we can have enough people to conquer the worldddd! HURHURHURRR~ If you don't like that, go scanlate your own doujinshi, yes ❤?

If you like our works, do help us out!
Any amount is greatly appreciated~♡

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